Tub Teas


These all-natural herbal bath teas are filled with the finest herbs, flowers and fragrance oils. Tub Teas are the perfect therapy for your body, mind, and soul. Each package contains 3 oversized tea bags.



There is nothing like coming home from a long hard day and soaking in a warm bath with some relaxing candles and zen music to unwind the hectic day. What else can make this moment more perfect? How about an aromatherapy bath tea! Tussie Mussies Tub Teas are an all-natural herbal bath tea filled with the finest herbs, flowers and fragrance oils. Tub Teas are the perfect therapy for your body, mind, and soul. Simply run some warm bath water and drop one whole tea bag into the tub. Let the tub tea steep for a few minutes; squeeze the excess water out of the bag before removing and enjoying your relaxing bath. For a stronger tub tea bath, boil some water, pour into a cup and add one tub tea to your cup and allow too steep for about 10 minutes, remove tea bag, and then pour your cup of tea into your bath water.

Each package contains 3 over-sized tub tea bags.

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Essential Oils

Purifying, Serenity, Toning, Assorted


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