Linen Sachet


Our simple slender sachet is a great gift and is designed to fit beautifully in the folds of towels, sheets, and other linens. Tuck one between sofa cushions, or use in your car or office. Anywhere you’d like a light lingering scent.



Tussie Mussies linen sachets are a refreshing light fragrance of fresh florals or clean botanicals lingering in the air. Walking into a room with the scent of a light, delightfully airy linen sachet is very pleasing to the senses for any house guest. Our slender linen sachets are designed to fit beautifully in the folds of sheets, towels or other linens. Use the linen sachet between a sofa or chair cushions, or in your car or office. Stash a linen sachet under the sink for fresh fragrance in the bathroom.

Fragrance is a potent brain trigger. In biological terms, the neural networks of our sense of smell bypass our thinking brain and take a direct route to our emotion and memory centers. Use our linen sachet to freshen up a room with any of fragrances!

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Berry Kiss, Butter Mint, Cherry Bomb, Coconut, Cucumber Melon, Electric Lemonade, Eucalyptus Frost, Jasmine, Juicy Peach, Lavender & Violets, Lemon Zest, Lime Rickey, Pina Colada, Plumeria, Citrus Cream, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Lavender Cream, Ocean Dreams, Water Lily, White Clover, White Ginger, Original


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